108 + 1 Mala Workshop & Creation Ceremony

August 27, 2-7pm

*mala history
*gemstone care
*the makings of a mantra practice

*a custom curated
*gemstone mala
*with intuitively selected gemstones

*MaGiC* ♥

All materials are lovingly curated to provide you with quality unaltered, genuine gemstones. When you register, you'll have two options from which to select what you wish to cultivate with your custom mala: 

1) select from curated bundles of intentions to provide a cohesive and powerful energy to your mala or
2) select your intentions *a la carte* among over a dozen choices. 

NOTE: Your total cost for the workshop will be the registration fee + the cost of materials, based on the design choices you make.

It takes time to design & cultivate each custom mala, so pleae register ASAP - the workshop will fill quickly and REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AUGUST 14TH! Visit bit.ly/108onaug27 for the full registration shebang.


"What's this custom intuitive mala you speak of," you ask?

*A custom mala is specially designed to each individual's energy, affirmations, intentions and requests. When you register, you'll complete a few questions to help me learn exactly what you hope to cultivate with this piece.

*Intuition refers to the process in which I curate a set of gemstones that allows for the best reflection of your present being. I will use my gifts of intuition, healing, and connection to Source to select gemstones perfect for you.

In the workshop:
*You will learn about the history of malas and how to incorporate one into your own practice.
*You'll receive information about healing properties of various gemstones.

During the ceremony:
*You'll learn how to cleanse and charge your mala.
*You'll receive hands-on instruction to thread, knot, and complete your mala.

To register for 108 + 1, a Custom Intuitive Mala workshop & creation ceremony, visit http://bit.ly/108onaug27

I look forward to being blessed by your presence and sharing the abundant joy that 108 + 1 beads can bring.

*If you have any questions about the event, my work, or just want to drop me a line, don't hesitate--peaceandhues@gmail.com

Plus, join us on Facebook via the 108 + 1 Mala Workshop & Creation Ceremony // August 27, 2016 event!

Reiki III Master Class

Sept 24th & 25th 2pm-6pm, 10am-2pm 

Free Spirits Yoga is excited to be offering the Reiki III Workshop. This will be a unique opportunity for students to experience the power of Reiki III with Reiki Teacher Masters Mambo Sky Bradshaw.

With 25 years of Intuitive Spiritual work, ten of which she has been a certified Reiki Master teacher, Sky brings years of deeply connected Intuitive Reiki healing and teaching experience in a fun hands on style easy for all students to learn.

This will be powerful and life changing step on anyone's path to living a life of healing though the powerful tool of Reiki.

Class will be divided into two parts (part one: Sept 24th 2pm-6pm, part two: Sept 25th 10am-2pm). 

The class fee is $250. Please make a $50 deposit fifteen days prior to class starting.

You will be provided with:
A six sided box (hexagon) for your Reiki grid
Reiki Master Manual from the official Reiki.org association website

You will also need:
7 crystals or stones of your choice (for constructing a Reiki Master Grid for healing and connection)
1 clear quartz or selenite crystal

In this class you receive your Reiki Master Attunement and will learn:

  • The Usui Master symbol and how to use it.
  • Advanced Reiki techniques such as cutting negative cords and removing energetic blockages.
  • How to perform a psychic surgery to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical issues.
  • Reiki meditations for enhancing spiritual connection.
  • Using the Antahkarana symbol.
  • Create a Reiki Crystal Grid for healing and manifesting.
  • How to remove negative attachments.
  • How to clear spaces.
  • Determining which Reiki tools to use.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. I am excited to continue on your journey and look forward to sharing such an amazing soul experience with you!
Since there is a large amount of Reiki One/Two Students moving into the flow in 2016 there is likely to be at least two opportunities for Reiki Master this year.

Please follow this link to get your Reiki Master deposit set today. Please fill out form below to register for Reiki III and invoice will be sent for the registration fee $50.

Name *

Conscious Conception with Yoga w/Dawn

4-Class series: Sept 29 - Oct 20 (Fridays)

We could call it pre-conception, conscious conception, trying to conceive or fertility. If you are working on making a baby (now or soon), self-care is golden. Join us in the 4-class series where we create intention for receptivity on the physical and energetic levels. Use this time to connect with your Self and a community of women as you explore what Motherhood looks like for you.

$90 for the 4-class series (Stay tuned for future Conscious Conception class series.)

Healing After Birth Circle w/Dawn

Sunday October 15, 11am-noon AND
Sunday January 14, 11am-noon

Is talking about or thinking about your child’s birth difficult? Did you experience physical or emotional trauma while giving birth? Have you experienced a loss? Come share your story and begin to heal those unseen wounds. Whether this trauma occurred a few months ago or years ago, you are welcome to join us in this safe space.