The teachers at Free Spirits Yoga bring their light from many passions and create a community of diverse and fun people.


Our Teachers

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Michele Christine Adams

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Michele completed her RYT200 Yoga Alliance Hatha yoga certification in February 2017. She has been a student since 2002, and has taught at NC School of Arts & Studio Elevé. Michele is an intuitive yogi with a belly/modern dance background who first began her yoga journey after tiring from modern day physical exercises practicing Ashtanga, Bhakti, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Kripalu, Power, Tantra, Restorative, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. She believes that yoga is not about muscles and force instead it is an allowance. Michele's teachers come from many different traditions and paths, including Native American shamanic practices, Eastern philosophy, and Nature focused practices. She is also a Reiki healer, Sacred Fire supporter, and a horse rescue volunteer.

Offerings with Michele: Beginners' Yoga, Prana Flow as taught by Shiva Rea, Private yoga, Reiki sessions, Slow Flow, Lunch Stretch & Release (Yin),  Vinyasa Flow, and Yin & Flow available.
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Lakesha Bryant

Lakesha was introduced to yoga while traveling through multiple music festivals. The results of that camping led her to the Healing Arts Center where she learned the positive impact Yoga, Reiki and Massage can have on the body, mind and spirit. She received her RYT 200, studying under Kristen Williams at Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness. Aspiring to connect with her Highest Self she continued her studies with Audrey Macnamara Sheldon at Free Spirits Yoga in which she took the Inner Guide Apprenticeship. Inspired, she further received her Reiki Master, studying under Audrey Sheldon and Sky Bradshaw. She has since expanded her sense of expression receiving a certification in Buti-Yoga.

Lakesha believes the breath is the key to flowing through every moment in life and uses this as the foundation to teaching. She brings movement, love, expression and encouragement to her classes allowing each individual to connect with and love their most authentic Self.

Lakesha has stated that yoga has changed her life for the Highest Good. She finds gratitude for anyone who chooses to show up and share a part of their journey with hers!

“The Force is With Me, and I Am One With The Force”

Offerings with Lakesha: Buti Yoga and Hot Core. Private sessions available upon request.

Nikki Dale-Oaster

Nikki Dale-Oaster has been a student of yoga for 10 years. She began her journey while owning a busy take-out and catering restaurant. Her life was busy, busy, busy, yoga helped bring physical and mental balance to her body and life. She is trained and teaches in the alignment-based style with a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour certificate. She teaches an overall physical practice from head to toe while focusing on building strength, building core, finding alignment and connecting it all with pranayama (breath). When we find our breath, we move better, we go deeper in our poses and we learn to calm the mind. When we calm the mind, we can be present for "right now" and "right now" is all we have. Nikki believes when we feel better physically, we feel better mentally and spiritually, therefore we become more peaceful and grateful and isn't that a fabulous way to live your life? Nikkis' class is geared towards novice to intermediate students, but advanced students can also find a challenging practice.

Offerings with Nikki: Wednesday Mixed Level Intermediate Flow and Alignment, Saturday Mixed Level Intermediate Flow and Alignment, and Gentle and Deep Stretch

Carolyn Finick

Carolyn completed her 200-hour RYT training in December 2015 and her Reiki Master training in June 2016. She is continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and finds it to be a source of love and strength. Carolyn believes the mind, body, soul connection is sacred and should be nurtured. In maintaining a mindful practice, she believes this connection teaches us how to live a fulfilling, healthy, and happy life. She strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom and kindness to her classes, and hopes to impart nuggets of yogic wisdom along the way.

Offerings with Carolyn: Mind Body Medicine and Mind Body  Movement. Private Yoga, Events and Reiki Sessions Available. Direct contact:


Molly Haight

Molly Haight is a yoga teacher in Oakland, CA. When she began her practice, Molly was disconnected from most things - her body, her emotions, the world around her and especially the natural rhythms of the world. Yoga brought a sense of groundedness and confidence in her body and in herself. As she progressed, she discovered how easily nature wound itself into her practice. As a city dweller, she cherishes the constant presence of the moon and this unique connection to nature. Molly completed over 500 hours of training under her teachers Annie Carpenter and Stephanie Snyder and is also a certified Wild Woman Project moon circle leader. Hailing from a world of practicality and years of studying journalism, Molly believes in finding the perfect balance between magic and reality.

Offerings with Molly: The Moon, Intention and Your Yoga Practice

Dawn Leonard


Dawn has been studying yoga since 2005 and has been certified RYT-200 since 2008, primarily teaching alignment-based yoga at Guilford College. She practices yoga as a spiritual journey, incorporating ancient yoga scriptures, as well as teachings from modern philosophers of yoga, religion and feminist eco-spirituality.

After birthing her son at home in 2013, Dawn felt called to work with other women to prepare for empowered birth. In the summer of 2016 Dawn launched Sacred Rhythms. She combines the tools from her work as a DONA trained doula, 10 years of practicing and teaching yoga, the Inner Guide Training offered here at FSY and her Reiki Level II attunement to empower other women in their experiences of motherhood. Learn more about Dawn at her website

Offerings with Dawn: Yoga for Motherhood. Private sessions are available for fertility, pregnancy and motherhood.

Molly Lieble


Molly began studying Kundalini Yoga about three years ago.  She completed teacher training with HarDarshan K. Khalsa and HarBhajan Singh Khalsa in Chapel Hill, NC in 2015.  Molly has experienced Kundalini Yoga as a complete lifestyle that enables her to live consciously and happy. She teaches because of her desire to share this great science, and to support others as they connect with the wisdom of their inner healer.

Kundalini yoga has coined the term"The yoga of awareness".  The primary objective is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual, that is to recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self, clear any inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness, and prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do. Kundalini yoga teaches us to connect with our inner guidance and intuition. Through the unique combination of Breath (Pranayama), Sound (Mantra), Movement (Kriya) and Stillness (Meditation), we will experience the awakening of the boundless Kundalini energy that has the profound power to heal and balance the mind, body and spirit.

Offerings with Molly: Intro to Kundalini Yoga through the Chakras

Janis Lozano

Janis is a RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified Teacher specializing in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. She is also versed in Kundalini and has experience teaching Yin Yoga, Chair yoga and Restorative. Certified in Alignment, Pranayama techniques, Reiki, Crystal energy, and experienced in meditation and guided meditation, Kirtan and Mantras. Her training was completed at Hatha Yoga World in Dharamshala, India, where she was able to learn from some of the best teachers in the world and study the Anatomy, Philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda nutrition, along with the physical practice of Asanas. Her travels around the world, have allowed her to learn several techniques from many well-known teachers, allowing her to further develop in her personal practice and the practice of her students.

Janis considers Yoga to be one of the most amazing things a person can do for the health of their being as a whole. She enjoys making sequences that focus on her client’s needs in the three aspects of mind, body and soul. Blending the perfect mix of challenging poses and relaxation techniques to cater to all levels of practice. "Energy is something that is very important to me and I love to encourage and support my students through their practice, allowing them the ability to listen to their bodies and push right through to a practice they can achieve through using the right techniques." She is also fluent in Spanish and Italian and caters to international students as well.

Jenna McGown


Jenna McGown completed her 200-hour Road to Self (RTS) Yoga Teacher training at Free Spirits Yoga in December 2013, her 500-hour RTS Yoga Teacher training and Apprenticeship in December 2015, and her Reiki Master training in June 2016. When she first discovered the school in 2012, Free Spirits Yoga provided Jenna with the invitation to commit to and increase the depth of her personal practice. Since then she has experienced the profound impacts of the teachings offered at Free Spirits Yoga, and holds immeasurable gratitude for them. Jenna is delighted to have the opportunity to participate in sharing this powerful and nourishing practice with others. In May of 2012, Jenna earned her MS in counseling from UNCG, and she currently practices in the Triad area. In Jenna's classes students will find a clear, receptive space to explore strength, flexibility, stillness, and sense of Self in an open, peaceful, and rejuvenating environment. 

James Pearce

James Pearce spends his life exploring the depths of reality through yoga, Shamanism and meditation. He began practicing yoga around one year ago, and began meditating when he was fifteen. His journey began with Kundalini yoga and he immediately fell in love with the meditative and healing qualities. It wasn't long before he found hot yoga. Pushing the body and mind past the "limits" inspired his passion for yoga. James has explored many types of yoga including Ashtanga, Yin, Bhakti and Vinyasa. He was recently called to venture into the world of Shamanism, and is on a journey in which he wants to make an impact on the world through the use of social work, meditation, yoga and Shamanism combined.

Offerings with James: Ecstatic Dance

Madera Salvaje

Madera Salvaje is an intuitive LightWorker and a Sacred Movement artist. While living in different countries around the world, Spirit has led her to many teachers that have inspired and supported her on her path. Madera has practiced and is certified in an extensive array of yoga and healing modalities as well as a diverse fusion of ancient, esoteric practices. Her gatherings are a profound and magical union of Sacred Dance, Hatha & Traditional Tantra Yoga, Energy & Magic, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Crystal work, Plant Medicine, Rituals & Ceremonies. Madera is an avid writer and hosts private transformation sessions as well as intimate group gatherings, workshops, retreats, and private ceremonies. Madera is a full time nomadic healerdancing-goddess and has been designated The Awakener of Magic. A Magnificent Journey Awaits You.

Offerings with Madera: Goddess Revival Series Workshops

Tony Parra


In 2008, Tony Parra received a BFA from New School University in New York City for Jazz Performance/Drumset. After practicing yogic meditation techniques in depth for 6 years, Tony’s first asana class was on a beach in the Florida Keys while on his honeymoon in 2010! Upon returning to his home in NYC, he was pleased to discover countless opportunities to practice yoga at the most prestigious studios with great teachers and yogis.

After experiencing the benefits that many hours of daily practice can bring, he decided to seek out a certification program, thus finding himself in a small town of India named Rishikesh, known for its yogic masters and mystical location amongst the sacred Ganges River and the Himalaya mountains. Tony keeps the integrity and tradition of an ancient yoga style alive, yet remains open to complimentary modern techniques that he has found to be effective. Through his teaching, Tony intends to increase the health, wealth, and awareness of all his students. Tony is consistently in a state of growth and inspires others to do so as well. Join him in this enlightening experience! Join him in the Joy of Yoga!