Welcome to The Inner Guide School!

Here you will find offerings that will inspire, excite and lead you on a journey of Self discovery. At the Inner Guide School we answer the call of our Sacred Path influenced by Earth Wisdom, Reiki, Yoga, Ecotherapy and Self Reliance. This school is an intuitive exploration of self healing through the re-connection with traditional modalities of Spiritual Practice.

2016 Inner Guide Apprenticeship Program:

January - April 2016


We are so excited to be offering the first year of The Inner Guide Apprenticeship Program. This is an accelerated program designed to inspire, challenge, transform and lead the participant to tools and experiences that initiate the highest expression of the authentic Self possible. This is a place of balance, wholeness and Self discovery. From this program participants will leave having experienced an understanding of the truth of who they really are that is personal and transformative.  An experience of direct revelation. Indisputable.  This is a process to discover the inner mystic that leads us to our own personal truth and learn to express this in the world fully. Those interested in being facilitators of yoga, self healing, earth wisdom will leave with the tools to begin this journey from a safe and informed place based on personal knowing.

This program will be deeply founded in the traditional practices from the Holy Science of Yoga, Earth Wisdom, Self Reliance, Ecotherapy, and energy work.

*** If you are looking for a traditional Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training Program this is not the program you are looking for. If you are looking for a uniquely powerful  experience of Self discovery that incorporates skills that will lead you to facilitate a safe and powerful sacred space that includes yoga this is perfect!

Students will meet twice a month for three months beginning in January and have an intensive 4 day meeting the last time we meet in April , see below for weekend dates. We have developed a uniquely tailored program that cultivates each individual's unique gifts to be shared with group and community through the Traditional Science of Yoga, Earth Wisdom and the Magic of  working in circle. Deepening, understanding and healing our local and global community is at the heart of this program. Understanding that each student is also a contributor and without the input, participation and financial backing the program wouldn't be possible. One must only have the authentic desire to dive deeply into the sea of Truth and wish to learn a sacred and beautiful way to assist others to do the same.


Full Tuition: $1,000/$250 per month, plus $40 registration fee = $1,040
OR: $950 for those that wish to pay prior to the beginning the program and registration fee is waived.

Payment Options:

$950, Paid in Full no later than January 8th (save $50 + $40 registration fee = $90 savings)
$125/weekend, due Friday evening at the beginning of the class, or
$245/month, due the first weekend Friday evening (save $20 over the course of the program)

Graduates of RTS  yoga Teacher Training Program

For those who have already completed a RTS  Yoga Teacher Training Program at FSY you will be eligible for special pricing on all future training you wish to participate in. 

Full Tuition: $700/$175 month, plus $40 registration fee = $740

OR: $650 for those that wish to pay by January 8th/first training weekend and registration fee is waived. 


This cost also includes unlimited weekly classes with Audrey during these four months as a part of the Apprenticeship program. Classes with any of the other teachers at FSY are only $5/ class. A MINIMUM of one class with Audrey a week is required attendance for students attending this program.

***Students are responsible for all payments of all weekends even if the weekend is missed. Payment arrangements are to be made with Audrey accordingly. Prior communication with  program director Audrey MacNamara Stephens is recommended in special circumstances so that a plan to cover what has been missed can be developed.  There will be no refunds for training costs. No students is every turned away for financial reasons. 


Meetings occur Friday evenings 6-9pm, Saturdays 2-8pm, Sundays 9-5pm. All weekends are scheduled based on the phases of the moon; we will meet the weekend closest to the new moon and the full moon. Some meeting times will be at the Free Spirits Yoga studio and some off-site at locations in and around Greensboro.

Attendance required but special circumstances are considered.

  • January 8-10 (fire ceremony)
  • January 22-24
  • February 5-7 (drum birthing weekend)
  • February 19-21
  • March 11-13
  • March 25-27
  • Intensive, April 6-10
Divine Law is not judgement or denial of self-truths. Divine Law is honoring harmony that comes from a peaceful mind, an open heart, a true tongue, a light step, a forgiving nature and a love of all living creatures.
— Jamie Sams and David Carson MEDICINE CARDS

In this training we will cover the following:

Shamanic Aspects of the program

  • Introduction to Earth Wisdom
  • Developing our relationship with Nature
  • Drum Making Workshop
  • Power of Gratitude
  • Initiation to the Sacred Nature Walks
  • Working with Ceremony and Ritual for Personal and Community  Healing
  • Developing our relationship with Fire
  • Discovering Dreaming and Meditation
  • Basic Energy Work Techniques
  • Spiritual Ethics for Practitioners and Facilitators
  • Accessing Support in the Spirit World
  • Developing Safe and Sacred Spiritual Community

Yogic Aspects of the program

  • Yama & Niyama: Foundational Teachings of Yoga
  • Development of the Intuitive Teacher
  • Appropriate Pranayama Techniques
  • Anatomy and Physiology Specific to Yoga and Energy Work
  • Appropriate Meditation Techniques
  •  Chakras and Nadis
  • Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga - The foundation of a solid yoga practice
  • Journaling, Walking and Art Making as Healing Modalities
  • Teaching Yoga Nidra
  • Traditional Matras and Sacred Ceremonial Songs

This program is a comprehensive immersion program into the Self. It is powerful, fun, and life changing. The bonds that are made in the circle between the students are often ones that can last a lifetime. This information is appropriate for any and all who feel lead to its call. How it will transform each individual's life through its use is the journey and the Road to the Self. Please consider this seriously and join us as we take this Road Together for the betterment and healing of ALL!

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Student Testimonials from Audrey's
2015 RTS Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training

It’s hard to put into words what I’ve seen as far as changes. There have been so many. What comes to me most significantly is that as a student, what I look for in a teacher is someone who has integrity. Do the teacher’s words match their actions? Do they practice what they teach? Are they REAL, and honest in their actions and consistent in their intentions? Do they act in a way that encourages strength and independence and assurance in their students, interdependence instead of dependence? Audrey has measured up to ALL of those. She has integrity. Her words match her actions. She practices what she teaches. She’s REAL and honest with her actions as well as consistent with her intentions. She encourages strength and independence and self assurance in her students.
— RTS student
2014 Road to Self teacher training graduates

2014 Road to Self teacher training graduates

In my case, I also wanted to see if what a teacher channeled or said, if the guidance they gave, truly measured up over time into something REAL. That is also true with Audrey. I listen when she speaks, not blindly but with a critical ear, and when I examine it (which I do - up one way and down the other) there is ALWAYS something worthwhile in what she says. I also care about how information is delivered; is it given with freedom for the student to find it in themselves; to gauge, in their own being, if what is being given is something THEY truly resonate with, is the student given room to hear their own voice? In Audrey’s classes, always the answer is: YES!
— RTS student
Drum creations from 2014 Road to Self teacher training.

Drum creations from 2014 Road to Self teacher training.

When I sit down with Audrey in a class, I know I’ll always walk away with something valuable, something I can take and run with, something that I can utilize not only for the moment but years down the line. Deeply nourishing core practices that will allow me to branch and grow in good ways that help me build a strong foundation from which good things can be brought into manifestation in ALL AREAS of my life. Audrey isn’t giving information that will become outdated, she’s helping people truly LIVE, providing balanced ways to navigate, having feet in both worlds.
— VB
The first class of Road to Self shamanic yoga teacher training, 2013

The first class of Road to Self shamanic yoga teacher training, 2013