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Free Spirits Yoga

Free Spirits Yoga is a Greensboro yoga school dedicated to the exploration of each individual's authentic path to awakening with a focus on the practices found through the fusion of the Traditional Holy Science of Yoga and Shamanic Indigenous Wisdom. Students will also find influences from many other spiritual paths such as Kundalini Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. We believe that there are as many ways to heal and become connected to the highest aspect of ourselves as there are beings roaming this vast earth.

Our mission is to create a sacred space that is steeped in the practices of non-judgement, non-harming, humility, respect of ourselves and others as well as unconditional love and compassion for all living beings. This is a space to learn sincere gratitude for the being that you truly are, and to cultivate the discernment and courage to allow your voice to come through clearly and beautifully in a safe and sacred environment. This is a place to create change.

Students can expect to leave classes at Free Spirits Yoga feeling calm, clear, balanced, rejuvenated, and inspired. Students can also expect something different at Free Spirits, something that touches you deep within the heart, the ability to connect to your highest self and learn to fearlessly move from this place at all times. Come and experience the fun and inspirational teachers at Free Spirits Yoga!


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: June at Free Spirits Yoga

Posted by Admin on 2015-06-02 13:44:55 MST


Wednesday Morning 9-10:30am Restorative Healing Flow Class with Audrey has been Cancelled starting June 10th and no longer on the schedule!


Free Spirits Yoga, LLC.'s photo.

Yogis! For the rest of June Brianna is offering a pay-what-you-can yoga class Tuesday mornings, 9:30-10:30am! If funds are tight and keeping you from attending classes, then join me for Slow Flow, by donation! This class is a mindful morning flow, allowing for a deep connection with breath and movement to leave you feeling open, grounded and centered. Suitable for all levels!

Tuesdays June 9, 16, 23, and 30! Invite your friends~ Hope to see you there! Love and Namaste!


Dear FSY Community,



The sun is out, the weather is balmy and beautiful and it’s time to shine! As the founder of Free Spirits Yoga I spend a lot of time thinking about the process that my yoga, shamanic and energy work practice reveal to me everyday. It has been such a powerful journey of discovery. I was taught that the true teacher, or guru, lives within. What does that mean? The Wizard Of Oz puts it so well: “Following the yellow brick road!” I have learned that Source communicates with me in so many ways that if I don’t pay attention I can easily miss the messages. These are the places that light up to me, places to where I’m attracted and drawn. I may not know why I am feeling drawn but I have learned to stop trying to figure it out and just go with the flow. In order to commit myself to a life that allows for these subtle communications to be noticed I must learn to slow down, allow my imagination to run wild, and daydream regularly while still keeping my feet firmly planted upon Earth Mother. And of course it is always important to mention how deeply the practice of Gratitude plays in the cultivation of this magic.

;">Gratitude is at the center of our ability to share and receive abundance in our lives! 

;">"If we aren't happy with what we already have, what makes us think we would be happier with more?"~Quote from Healing Light Online


I am so incredibly grateful for this beautiful community, and for your support and vision as we continue to grow and learn together.

This month I invite you to come and join us for classes, healing circles, private sessions, free guided meditations, YouTube videos and much more that will assist you in cultivating a space in your life where you can learn to follow your own "yellow brick road." This road leads to perfect health, abundance, joy and a life lived from a place of deep inner connection. Come journey with us!


So, happy June from all the teachers at FSY! We look forward to seeing you in classsmile.gif


Many Abundant Blessings to each and everyone of you, 

Audrey Sheldon:

Founder of Free Spirits Yoga

;">June Abundance offering by Audrey Sheldon 

Evening Gratitude Meditation

This is a guided gratitude meditation designed to be practiced in the evening before going to sleep. Try it out and let me know how you like it on Facebook or Soundcloud. I love your feedback! It helps me continue the process of learning and sharing what I find along the way! ~Audrey

New Classes at FSY in June



Mindful, Powerful Flow w/ Audrey
Fridays 6-7pm
$5 Minimum Donation


This class focuses on the opportunity to challenge ourselves and what we find when we connect to our breath in a deep and meaningful way. A community class with $5 minimum donation to drop in! All levels of student are welcome. Come start your weekend off right!

Contact Audrey for more information
Or call the school at 336-404-0966


Audrey demonstrates Shashankasana (Hare Pose), a preparation pose for Sirsasana (Head Stand). It prepares the neck and crown of the head as well as optic nerves to receive the weight and additional pressure once the practitioner is ready to lifts the legs. When lifting the arms behind the back, we then enjoy the benefit of open shoulders and a longer cervical spine as long as the shoulders stay lengthened from the ears.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose) then releases the neck and opens the heart and balances Vishuda (throat chakra-blue) to counter. Try and enjoy!

June Special! 10% Off Private Sessions w/ Audrey Sheldon

The founder of Free Spirits Yoga has been practicing yoga and shamanism since 1998 and has been a certified 500hr Expert Teacher since 2006. Audrey is passionate about the power of yoga, self care and energy work. She brings her creative and intuitive skills to all her offerings at FSY. Every session is uniquely designed to meet the students needs and accomplish their personal goals.

For the month of June, purchase 4 or more 1hr sessions and receive 10%. 

Audrey incoporates tools and techniques from Shamanism, Reiki and Classical Yoga to customize a perfect series of private healing sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. Combined these tools assist the students to tap deeply into the Soul and Spirit level to bring balance, vitality and inspiration in all areas of life. Whether you are focusing on a specific healing request or looking for support and guidance these sessions are a powerful tool.

Sessions are offered in 1/2hr increments -1/2hr $35, 1hr $60, 1.5hr $85.

Packages also available!
Purchase 4 1hr sessions $220 and Save $20 ***$198 special price for June
Purchase 6 1hr sessions for $320 and Save $40 ***$288 special price for June
Purchase 8 1hr sessions for $460 and Save $60 ***$454 special price for June
Purchase 10 1hr sessions for $520 and Save $80 ***$468 special price for June
You have three months to utilize the private sessions for
Shamanism, Yoga, Reiki, and Intuitive Healing or any  custom combination! 


Abundance Healing Circle at FSY

Sunday June 28th from 6:45pm - 9:30pm
Circle hosted by Audrey Stephens held at Free Spirits Yoga

$25 Suggested Offering

* please bring drums, rattles, bells, or other instruments for this circle.

Do you feel a strong pull to live a healthy, abundant, joyous, playful and powerful life? Do you want to connect with a community that wants the same and helps to support one another along the way? Are you interested in learning and developing tools that will give you the know how, strength and confidence to manifest all that you dream of? Are you ready for powerful change?


Join us at Free Spirits Yoga the last Sunday of each month for time dedicated to offering gratitude for and manifesting abundance in all its forms, every single day.

We will learn powerful tools such as meditations, sound and vibrational tools, mantra, sacred ceremonies and rituals to bring real lasting ability for manifestation into your life every day.

;">"This gathering is truly magical! Come with an open heart and willingness to share in the divine gift that is the unlimited abundance that is excessable to us at all times! I love the connections that I make to people I've never met before and the level of support and inspiration is so incredible." Circle Participant

Join Our Facebook Group to stay connected! 

Support Resources
The Alchemy of Groups Article
6 Phase Meditation by Vishin Lakhiani


Announcements for June! 

Join us for Yoga in Center City Park 
Monday June 15th from 6-7pm. It's totally free!
Sarah Lee Cassedy will lead this class

 No Monday Night Powerful Healing Flow with Audrey 6/15 at 6pm
We will be the park!
No Centering Flow Sunday June 28th due to Abundance Circle! 

Monday night RTS Advanced Level III has had a name change but the class is the same!

Any other class changes you can find on the website. 




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What Our Students Are Saying

"In a world where space is all taken up with noise, fear, expectation, judgment, and hyperactivity, the gratitude circle at Free Spirits Yoga has made ample room to breathe, appreciate, hope, dream, and become again."

"My life is my teaching...I always want my students to be able to come to me about anything." Read the article in the MISSION: Beautiful blog about studio owner Audrey Stephens."
-Article by Christina Calabria

"Monday evening class is perfect for students wishing to explore a vigorous vinyasa flow, yet focus the awareness on the internal environment—the true meaning of yoga. The class is challenging but Audrey adapts instruction to fit the needs of students working at all levels. This class is the perfect way to begin the workweek."




Our own true nature is infinite joy! Always
happy, always peaceful, always free!
- Swami Satchidananda