Shakti Flow Yoga w/ Dawn

Fridays, 9:30-11am

I used to teach a class just for conscious conception, and then discovered that the content is powerful for ALL women! If you are working on making a baby (now or soon), self-care is golden. Join us in a nourishing and gentle flow where we dive into the power and information behind our menstrual cycles and our womb space. You will create intention for receptivity on the physical and energetic levels, and use a variety of modalities including yoga, mudra, mantra, meditation and essential oils to heal. Use this time to connect with your Self and a community of women as you explore what Motherhood looks like for you.

Registration is required.

Classes are $15 for a drop-in. Class packages are available (4 classes for $54 or 8 classes for $100)


Prenatal Yoga w/ Dawn


prenatal - 1.jpg

As yoga is a spiritual practice, pregnancy and birth are spiritual experiences! Our soul communicates to us in many way. One of those channels is the body. Birth itself requires the harmonious attunement of all aspects of our Being. In this class, I aim to remind women of their power to conceive and to birth. I use techniques that open us to our Divine Feminine powers of receptivity, nurturing, compassion and intuition. In class you can expect to move with your breath and intention in a slow flowing practice with gentle opening, strengthening and breathing techniques through the use of meditation, visualization and relaxation. All of the work we do in class will prepare you for an empowered, peaceful and joyful experience of birth.


Birth Services by Dawn

Dawn has great ideas and assisted my labor team in making sure my birth plan was carried out, and my experience was AMAZING!!!
— ED, Doula client

After birthing her son at home in 2013, Dawn felt called to work with other women to prepare for empowered birth. In the summer of 2016 Dawn launched Sacred Rhythms. She combines the tools from her work as a DONA-trained doula, 10 years of practicing and teaching yoga, the Inner Guide Training offered here at FSY and her Reiki Master attunement to empower other women in their experiences of motherhood. Dawn's services include:

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Shakti Flow Yoga

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Birth Doula

  • Fertility Doula

  • Mother Blessing Ceremonies (Blessingways)

  • Postpartum Sealing Ceremonies

Learn more about Sacred Rhythms at Dawn's website