Healing Circles with Becki Ruh

The practice of incorporating essential oils into our homes and lives takes practice, intentionality and consciousness . . . a community of others who are on a similar healing path as your own only sweetens the journey.

This 4-week series is open to anyone interested in learning more, but was created to support the growing number of oil-curious sisters drawn to dōTERRA and particularly the Essentially Curious community, led by Becki Ruh.

Join us as we dive deeper into the healing properties of essential oils and other natural healing modalities in this intimate gathering of wide-awakening humans.

**Oct 8: Sacred Apothecary - This gathering will call in our inner knowing as we explore resources that support our physical bodies naturally, utilizing the sacred gifts essential oils can provide.

**Oct 15: Sacred Emotions - Oftentimes, our emotional health drives our physical being. Learn to utilize these natural resources to delve into and support our emotional states more wholly.

**Oct 22: Sacred Soul-Work - Connection to Source. Deepening in. Being still. Learning to listen and trust our intuition. These sacred practices can be subtly and powerfully supported by essential oils. In this gathering, we’ll explore some of the most potent oils to help nurture this part of our journey.

**Oct 29: Sacred Abundance - Whether it’s abundance in the financial sense or in our relationships, our way of BE-ing in the world can be significantly enhanced by consciously choosing the life we wish to create. Explore the oils you are drawn to help create exactly what it is you want in your life at this point.

Series cost is $35 for people with a dōTERRA account/$50 for those who don’t have a wholesale account. Paypal or Venmo registration to becki@dynamicbalancehealthcoaching.com

“Ceremony, practice and ritual have been an important part of my healing process. Bringing women together to connect, share and deepen into the healing power of these practices, while gently introducing the variety of ways essential oils can be used, I’m realizing, is what I’m here for. I’m so excited to create and share with those who are feeling drawn to deepen in, too.” -Becki Ruh