Gentle and Restorative Yoga, Kinetic Awareness® and CBD Oil

Saturday November 10th 2-4pm

Join Brianna and Emily for a CBD oil enhanced gentle and restorative class. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of non-TCH, nanoenhanced liposomal cannabinoidiol oil from the hemp plant, and how this can be paired with Yoga, Kinetic Awareness®, and meditation practices to support health and wellness.

Brianna will guide participants through gentle yoga sequences and deep restorative postures ...Emily will share a somatic technique called Kinetic Awareness®,  a body/mind connection and re-education technique that cultivates mindfulness by utilizing slow, intentional movement and movement on top of rubber balls as a tactile aid.

Combining these meditative practices with the use of PrimeMyBody hemp oil, the workshop focuses on intentional mindfulness, body/mind connectivity, and how hemp oil can support overall health and wellness. Time is available after class to discuss the experience, the product, and further inquiries.

PrimeMyBody is a global health and wellness company that helps people to live wellness and create lifestyles. Their nanoenhanced hemp oil utilizes a unique liposomal delivery system, which dramatically improves the bioavailability of the oil, without having the psychoactive or “high" effect associated with this type of botanical. 

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