108 + 1 Mala Workshop ~ Creativity, Abundance, Transformation w/ Anahita


At 108 + 1 Mala Workshops, we meet at the mat to learn about gemstones and their specific intentions, create a pattern for a mala (i.e., Tibetan prayer beads) with 108 gemstone beads plus 1 gemstone guru bead. Then, you will receive guidance to knot your very own mala, carrying home a finished sacred object made with your own divine intention. 

Your registration ($81) includes:

  • 5-hr workshop
    • There are two possible dates for the current 108 + 1 Mala Workshop >> 
    • Sunday, April 30 from 10am to 3pm
    • Saturday, May 6 from 2pm to 7pm
  • Materials
    • Gemstone beads (6mm)
    • Silk thread
    • Necessary tools for the workshop
  • Take-home goodies
    • List of gemstones at workshop, including brief descriptions
    • Images of oracle and medicine cards used to select workshop's theme
    • Gemstone care instructions, including guidance on clearing and charging your mala


This will be a workshop for anyone trying to usher in a new era of their own lives and will be especially useful to those seeking abundance from creative ventures. 

Like I always do in my workshops and custom jewelry work, I used Toni Carmine Salerno's Gaia Oracle cards to cultivate this theme (below). I also selected an animal spirit guide from the Medicine Cards deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson (to be revealed at the workshop). 


I don't want to spill all the beans before the workshop :)

. . . but I do want you to have enough information to know whether this is right for you.

So, here are some snippets you may recognize yourself in --

whether they represent where you currently stand or where you want to gotrust when you hear the call. . . 

  • You are struggling on a path of achievement because you're finding it difficult to listen to your heart's desires
  • Instead of pushing or pulling, dance along with life, while firmly rooted in your true passions, dreams, and desires
  • Maybe some part of your path at present feels "uphill"… Let's find another way
  • Let's end your struggle and start a new creative, abundant cycle
  • You are in a deeply emotional and spiritual time, where tears of sadness transform into tears of joy
  • During this special and magical time, seek to learn the lesson that love is really all that matters
  • You are a master of your destiny and you will achieve success with grace, poise, and ease
  • It is time for you to burn away any fear or doubt that is keeping you from seeing / hearing / perceiving your heart's true purpose

~ all creation is co-creation ~


Together in this mala workshop, we will create a space where you can explore some of these deeper issues and cultivate hope, purpose, and practices that carry you into the brighter tomorrow promised by the theme of creative abundance and transformation.

During the workshop:

  • We will discuss the selected oracle cards and you will have these intuitive tools at your disposal throughout our time together.
  • I will introduce the gemstones that work to elevate and accelerate our theme. At the same time, you'll get to meet and greet the various gemstone beads, evaluating which call best to your specific purpose.
  • Then, you will design the pattern for your 108-bead mala and I'll provide instruction on threading and knotting the beads (a la pearl knotting). 

Specific gemstones selected for our theme will be revealed at the workshop. Additionally, a common guru bead will be selected for all co-journeyers at the workshop. 

I can't wait to work together from a conscious collective and support one another as we come together around on a common theme. 

Are you ready?