The Way of Meditation II: Light on the Mysteries with Tony Parra

You will receive updated understandings behind the importance and spiritual significance of Diet, Exercise, and Community. We will explore whether the hierarchy of beings touted throughout spiritual lore truly exist, whether they are still accessible, and if there are ways to work with these archetypes that fit within the framework of your own personal religious and/or spiritual beliefs. 

Sept 2nd        Purity: Diet, Exercise, Ethics, and Community!
Sept 9th        Alethiea Mythos: God’s, Buddha’s, and Angel’s…
Sept 16th       The Sanctum: The Temple within, Without, and its composition.
Sept 23rd      Angelomorphism, Siddhis, the Super Natural powers!
Sept 30th      Out of Body 1: Active Imagination
Oct 7th          Out of Body 2: Active Realization

The methods given will be adaptable to your own religious and spiritual life and will bring true empowerment to your faith, whichever it may be. Finally, we will learn methods that the Saints, Yogis, Shamans, and Spiritual Masters alike have used to explore and receive inspiration from and wisdom about the deeper truths of Reality! 

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