Let Our Love Shine!

There is the world of the flesh,  and there is the Spirit World. When the flesh is gone, the Spirit Forever Remains. Their voices speak to those who know how to listen. Wisdom is born in the Heart, and then spoken. ~ Wolf Clan Song

How do we let our love light shine? Shine so bright that we  are willing to see into our own shadows courageously?  Shine so bright that we trust the illuminated path before us?  So he howls in the far off distance sound more like friends rather than foes? When we truly see ourselves in all aspect of creation. To trust that all is perfect no matter now beautiful or terrifying? How? For this is our life. Love is the thread weaving all the pieces and parts together into a tapestry beautiful beyond words. 

The best answer I can come up with right now is that I have no idea. The only clue I have that has taken me closer to this? To Listen, Listen, and Listen some more. Listen to what? The voice that is without words clearly bubbling up from deep within my very own Heart. It speaks to me in colors, vibrations, feelings, symbols, and archetypes. It comes to me on the wind, in dreams, through the voices of those around me and in the silence of prayer.  It tells me I am loved. It tells me I am worthy. It tells me I am of value in this world. It tells me I have work to do. It tells me to keep going. It tells me to speak my truth no matter the cost. It tells me that there is so much more I have to discover but that it will all come in time so be patient. I tells me to help others without condition or fear. It tells me all I need to know. 

I am currently in a state of deep and abiding gratitude for this Inner Guide. As I sit within my life I am humbled by what it has show me. My sacred purpose in this life is to share the passion I have for all to develop this relationship within themselves and see what happens. I believe it is the pathway to Wholeness. 

Recently at Free Spirits Yoga we have been branching out and offering powerful new workshops and classes to assist each of along this path to wholeness. These offerings are diverse and exciting! We want to inspire each of you to find your pathway to listen and heart this Inner Guide!