Deer Medicine

The gentle and tender teachings of the deer that fill our fields and forests ring true and clear in these days as we face our inner challenges. This month I have felt the power that the illusion of the material world (sanskrit: maya) can have on us as we make our way back Home to Source Consciousness. Take shelter in the soft and humble embrace of all this powerful medicine animal has to share with us. In the Medicine Cards: The Discover of Power by Way of the Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson they tell powerful story of fearless unconditional love that is so powerful it ushers a larger than life demon from the path that leads to Sacred Mountain, the home of Great Mystery. 

If you find yourself in the path of challenge, fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness, loss or feeling alone or abandoned, meditate on Deer. Let her hold you in her loving and gentle embrace as you navigate your way back to the path of light and love. 

I feel these teachings can bring us great comfort when our hearts are receptive.