Clan Mother Wisdom: February 2015

Talks with Relations

Clan Mother of the First Moon Cycle

  • Mother of nature and the planetary family
  • Keeper of rhythm, weather and seasons
  • Guardian of the language of trees, stones and creatures
  • Keeper of learning the truth

Her Teachings

  • Every member of the Planetary Family has truths to share; find kinship with all life
  • Learn, respect the rhythms of and be in right relationship with All of Our Relations, from your body and family to the trees, stones and seasons.
  • Open your heart to learn the languages of Nature; the only true limitation is having a closed heart.
  • The balance of heaven and earth exist within you, your heart as the center-point; the spiritual and tangible are equal and one.
  • Your choices affect Mother Earth's intricate ecology.

Her Offerings

  • The Truths of the Planetary Family to open all hearts
  • Nurturing of respect for oneself and all others
  • Healing and comfort in the wake of cycles and seasons of pain
Jamie Sams, from her book "The 13 Original Clan Mothers"