New Year's Celebration

Start the New Year off with this opportunity to call in and on our guides, ancestors, elements, directions and all other support know and unknown. Bring your drums, rattles, stones and voices to sing and drum our intentions into the universe. Let us celebrate all that we have been blessed with in the past year and dream for the year that is to come. Last year was all about Abundance Healing and this year is about trusting Source completely; opening the pathways to hear our Inner Guide, trusting as it shows us the way.

What to bring:
-Vegetarian dish for potluck feast
-Ceremonial drum or rattle
-Stones to assist you for setting and holding intentions for the new year
-Journal to take notes

What we will do:
-Drum, dream, feast, offer gratitude, charge our stones and call in our animal teachers for the year. Send prayers out to all for the whole year!

Love Donation of $25