2016 Inner Guide Apprenticeship Program

January - April 2016

We are so excited to be offering the first year of The Inner Guide Apprenticeship Program. This is an accelerated program designed to inspire, challenge, transform and lead the participant to tools and experiences that initiate the highest expression of the authentic Self possible. This is a place of balance, wholeness and personal power. From this program participants will leave having experienced an understanding of the truth of who they really are that is personal and transformative. An experience of direct revelation. Indisputable. This is a healing quest to discover the inner mystic that leads us to our own personal truth and learn to express this in the world fully. Those interested in being facilitators of yoga, self healing or indigenous wisdom will leave with the tools to begin this journey from a safe and informed place based on personal knowing.

This program will be deeply founded in the traditional practices from the Holy Science of Yoga, Earth Wisdom, Self Reliance, Ecotherapy, and energy work.