November Cross Roads

As I sit to write this I am aware of the cross roads of the new moon in Scorpio and the powerful 11:11 of November that has just graced us with it is power of possibilities and support for change. I was blessed enough to have had some time to reflect on my own life and what is truly important, take notice of what is no longer working and send up sincere prayers for shifts in my awareness so that I might hold a higher frequency within my own Being. The theme for me has been about 1. Trusting my Intuition without an ounce of doubt. 2. Knowing that my relationship with Source is the most important relationship I will ever have. 3. The time for excuses is over.

As always, the course of our lives rests in our own hands. Well, our minds really. What is my predominant thought today? Is it gratitude, joy, receptivity and faith OR is it fear, jealousy, control, pessimism, doubt, anger, and frustration. My choice. Always, my choice. The day I have is the day I choose to have. Every single day. This is a sobering realization, the fact that I can't blame anything I feel on anyone else. I always have a choice.

What choice will you make today, tomorrow, a month from now or even a year? How far are you willing to go to create meaningful change in your own life? Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone to seek the Calling from deep within your own heart? Whatever that calling may be? 

Just some food for thought. Here is to us all stepping up to the plate of monumental change and hitting the home run we have always wished for no matter what. 

Here are some fun resources to inspire powerful trains of thought: