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Free Spirits Yoga

Free Spirits Yoga is a Greensboro yoga school dedicated to the exploration of each individual's authentic path to awakening with a focus on the practices found through the fusion of the Traditional Holy Science of Yoga and Shamanic Indigenous Wisdom. Students will also find influences from many other spiritual paths such as Kundalini Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. We believe that there are as many ways to heal and become connected to the highest aspect of ourselves as there are beings roaming this vast earth.

Our mission is to create a sacred space that is steeped in the practices of non-judgement, non-harming, humility, respect of ourselves and others as well as unconditional love and compassion for all living beings. This is a space to learn sincere gratitude for the being that you truly are, and to cultivate the discernment and courage to allow your voice to come through clearly and beautifully in a safe and sacred environment. This is a place to create change.

Students can expect to leave classes at Free Spirits Yoga feeling calm, clear, balanced, rejuvenated, and inspired. Students can also expect something different at Free Spirits, something that touches you deep within the heart, the ability to connect to your highest self and learn to fearlessly move from this place at all times. Come and experience the fun and inspirational teachers at Free Spirits Yoga!


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: January at Free Spirits Yoga

Posted by Admin on 2014-12-01 13:44:55 MST
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Becomes Her Vision

We are upon the New Year! In 2015 the theme is transformation and manifestation of our dreams. Working with this teaching is the 13th Clan Mother: Becomes Her Vision. She is the guardian of all Cycles of Transformation, Mother of Change, Guardian of Prophecy of Wholeness and the Guardian of Personal Myth. 

Her ultimate Transforming teaching is to just Be! To live in our personal truth in each and every moment and learning to trust our personal path to expressing our truth and full potential.

Her Totem Animals
Condor: The medicine of life, unity and equality for eternity.
Moth: Bringing the intangible of Spirit into the tangible world.
Flamingo: Medicine of opening the heart to allow acceptance, the external flame of love, into our Being.
Hen: tending to the unhatched eggs of our own personal medicine.
Gazelle: Medicine of sure footedness and vanquishing uncertainty.
Leopard: Understanding the patterns that lead to Self Mastery.
Butterfly: Teaching the process of transformation.
Working with these teachings can help to guide us to deeper understanding of how to live fully and completely in our everyday lives and Become The Vision we have for Ourselves!!

May 2015 fill you with the focus and drive to become your personal vision of completeness in the world! And may all beings upon this earth benefit from this blessing. Om Shanti Om

***These teachings were taken from the book
13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams





Abundance Healing Circle
January 25th 6:45-9:30pm

Do you feel a strong pull to live a healthy, abundant, joyous, playful and powerful life? Do you want to connect with a community that wants the same and helps to support one another along the way? Are you interested in learning and developing tools that will give you the know how, strength and confidence to manifest all that you dream of? Are you ready for powerful change?
If you said "Yes!" to any or all of these questions I have a exciting, fun and transformative opportunity for you.

We are building a new healing circle that is focused on cultivating and manifesting abundance in all its forms at the school now! It will meet once a month, dates to be determined based on interest so please contact us!

We will learn powerful tools such as meditations, sound and vibrational tools, mantra, sacred ceremonies and rituals to bring real lasting ability for manifestation into your life every day.

This is an open circle, all are welcome!
Suggest $25 Gifting



Family Development Yoga and Classes at Free Spirits!

Prenatal Yoga w/ Audrey
Mondays 4-5:15pm
Beginning in January
$11 drop-in | $60 for 6 Classes

- Registration Open Now!

Mommy & Me Yoga w/ Audrey
Thursdays 10:45am-12pm
$11 drop-in | $60 for 6 Classes

- Registration Open Now!

HypnoBirthing® Class Beginning in January wtih Sadie Kneidel
Class Description
HypnoBirthing® is a birthing philosophy based on profound mental and physical relaxation.  Mothers and their birth companions learn cues and techniques to induce a calm, confident state, in which they are free of fear and tension. Research (http://www.hypnobirthing.co.uk/hypnosis_in_childbirth_research.shtml) indicates that HypnoBirthing® women experience lower rates of pain medication, interventions, surgery, and long hospital stays.
Teacher Bio
In addition to being a certified HypnoBirthing® practitoner, Sadie Kneidel has a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  With a bachelor's degree in Women's Studies and Spanish Language, she offers bilingual services and is trained to work sensitively with issues of sex and gender.  In addition, Sadie is a certified yoga instructor, having completed Free Spirits Yoga's 200-hour Road to Self Teacher Training & Healing Quest.  Finally, she holds a reiki II certificate and is also an ordained ceremonial officiant through Light & Energy Workers Association.

She has been teaching HypnoBirthing® since the life-changing birth of her son at Women's Birth and Wellness Center, in Chapel Hill, NC.

Class Pricing
The HypnoBirthing® Institute recommends a cost of $300 per couple for 5 2.5-hour group classes. However, I am committed to making the classes available to anyone who needs them.  If this price is prohibitive to you, a need-based sliding scale is available.  Private classes are available upon request for a negotiable fee.  For more info, check out www.greensborohypnobirthing.com.

Class Dates
Classes will meet Sundays from 4-6:30pm
January 11th, 25th and February 1st, 8th and 15th.


">Asana Photo of the Month:
Bakasana - Crane Pose

Tricia Cooke


****Photo by Bonnie Steve Clarke


  • Tones deep abdominal muscles activating deep core
  • Solar Plexus Activation
  • Strengthens arms and shoulders
  • Excellent for concentration and focus
  • Builds inner strength and personal will

This is a posture to build strength, focus, endurance and concentration. Want to take your practice to the next level and begin to really build strength?  Master bakasana! This pose takes a willingness to meet your limits head on and then apply what we find to all aspects of your practice, taking it to a place born of inner strength and willingness to overcome our boundaries to grow.

Private Sessions w/ Audrey MacNamara Sheldon
A great way to deepen your personal Yoga practice and kick start your focus, creativity, and fulfill your physical and abundance goals is to work one on one!

The founder of Free Spirits Yoga has been practicing yoga and shamanism since 1998 and has been a certified 500hr Expert Teacher since 2006. Audrey is passionate about the power of yoga, self care and energy work. She brings her creative and intuitive skills to all her offerings at FSY. Every session is uniquely designed to meet the students needs to accomplish their personal goals.

Audrey will be offering private Shamanic Yoga
instruction and Reiki sessions beginning in January! Make your apts now

She will offer in 1/2hr increments -1/2hr $35, 1hr $60, 1.5hr $85.

Packages also available!
Purchase 4 1hr sessions $220 and Save $20
Purchase 6 1hr sessions for $320 and Save $40
Purchase 8 1hr sessions for $460 and Save $60 (1hr free!)
Purchase 10 1hr sessions for $520 and Save $80
You have six months to utilize the private sessions for
Yoga or Reiki or any combination of the two!


"Road to Self" 2015 Yoga Teacher Training and Healing Quest


We are so excited to be offering our third session of the Road to Self 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Healing Quest beginning January 2015. This program will be a full immersion into a deeper understanding of yoga as well as Ourselves. Although the program will be deeply founded in the traditional practices and philosophies of yoga we will also be exploring our personal practice through the teachings from Indigenous and Shamanic Wisdom. Students in this program will learn safe, fun and intuitive ways to share the Holy Science of Yoga by deepening their own personal practice. Our goal is to cultivate a fun, compassionate, dogma free environment to teach and practice safely, successfully and compassionately.


Students  will meet once a month for nine months beginning in March  2015, see below for weekend dates. We have developed a uniquely tailored program that cultivates  each individuals unique gifts to be shared with group and community through the Traditional Science of Yoga, Shamanic Practices and the Magic of Healing Circles. Deepening, understanding and healing our local and global community is at the heart of this program. Understanding that each student is also a contributor and without the input, participation and financial backing the program wouldn't be possible.

However, you do not have to be a teacher or even desire to become a teacher to participate in this unique and exciting journey to the Self. One must only have the authentic desire to dive deeply into the sea of Truth and wish to learn a sacred and beautiful way to assist others to do the same.


Beginning March 2015 - 1 weekend a month for 9 months

Program Costs

$1350/$150 per weekend or $1200 for those that wish to pay prior to the beginning the program and would also waive the registration fee.

* $150/weekend - Friday evenings 6-9pm (students meeting at Audreys home for Ceremonial Fire most Friday evenings) / Saturdays 2-8pm  & Sundays from 9-5pm

Pre-registration required with $40 registration fee unless tuition paid in Full by February  15th 2015.

200 total contact hours - 240 hr total with outside assignments. Once registration is complete students will receive a reading list and first weekend schedule.

***Students are responsible for all payments of all weekends even if the weekend is missed. Prior communication with  program director Audrey MacNamara  Sheldon recommended in special circumstances so that a plan to cover what has been missed is developed.


Meetings occur Friday evenings 6-9pm, Saturdays 2-8pm, Sundays 9-5pm. Attendance Required but special circumstances are considered.

  • March 6, 7 & 8

  • April  3, 4 & 5 (Subject to Change)

  • May 1, 2 & 3

  • June 5, 6 & 7

  • July 3, 4 & 5

  • August 28, 29 & 30

  • September 25, 26 & 27

  • October 23, 24 & 25 (Subject to Change)

  • November 20, 21 & 22

  • December 18, 19 & 20

  • Graduation Ceremony held Sunday 12/19/13 from 2-5pm with potluck feast and celebration. Please email info@freespiritsyoga.com to register!

In this training we will cover the following:

  • Developing Beginner and Intermediate Yoga Classes

  • Adjustments and Modifications

  • Appropriate Pranayama Techniques

  • Anatomy and Physiology Specific to Yoga and Energy Work

  • Appropriate Meditation Techniques

  • Working with Ceremony and Ritual for Personal Healing

  • Teaching and Understanding the Chakras and Nadis

  • How to Hold Ceremonial and Sacred Circles for Transformational Healing

  • Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga - The foundation of a solid yoga practice

  • Intuitive and Sacred Eating

  • Development of the Intuitive Teacher

  • Silence as a Foundational Practice for Teachers

  • Journaling, Walking and Creation Ceremony as Healing Modalities

  • Teaching Yoga Nidra

  • Traditional Mantras and Sacred Ceremonial Songs

  • Gratitude and its Power

This program is a comprehensive immersion program into the Self. It is powerful, fun, and life changing. The bonds that are made in the circle between the students are often ones that can last a lifetime. This information is appropriate for any and all who feel lead to its call. How it will transform each individual's life through its use is the journey and the Road to the Self. Please consider this seriously and join us as we take this Road Together for the betterment and healing of ALL!

">Shamanic Yoga Workshop Series w/ Audrey Sheldon
Beginning in January 2015:

Building Your Shamanic Tool Kit

Through the combination of Shamanism and Yoga we find a path that is heart centered, grounded in our connection to the earth as well as full of light and direct Self Knowledge . A way to develop our relationship to all of creation through a deeper understanding of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of ourselves. A way to honor the light and the shadow. We not only learn to still the mind and withdraw the senses in compassionate non-attachment but also explore the spiritual realms of our dreams to access truths personal and sacred. This is a practice of rediscovering all that makes us whole, content and healthy.

Also as Shamanic Yogis we are developing the ability to heal ourselves and our community with the tools that we develop from our own personal experience. In this workshop series students will develop useful tools and skill to build on their ability to heal themselves and share this powerful healing with those around them.

All Workshops are held from 2-8pm on the last Saturday of the month
Cost is $450/Student for all six workshops.
$240 must be paid by January 15th to hold spot and remainder paid by the first class January 31st.

Saturday January 31st -  Dream Journeying - Introduction and Importance
In this workshop we will be introduced to the  foundational practice of Dream Journeying,  the practice of direct access to our own Inner Knowing through this powerful, healing and ancient Shamanic practice. Dream Journeying will be a foundational practice throughout the entire workshop series.

Saturday February 28th - Developing Relationship with All of Creation
In this segment of the Shamanic Tool Kit Workshop series students will learn the importance of developing a relationship with all aspect of life. Shamanism honors all and learns from all. Students will learn how to use tools such as medicine walk, creation ceremony and abundance ceremony to come into right relationship with all that Source has created.

Saturday March 28th - Sacred Movement and Practices of Awareness
In this segment students will learn how to heal through movement and stillness. Our ability to  journey into the deepest parts of ourselves to unlock hidden blockages through the use of our breath, body and soul centered movement to heal and balance all aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual for healing and wholeness. 

Saturday April 25th - Medicine Objects and Creation Ceremony
In this segment students will learn the importance of personal medicine objects and how to work with them to create powerful, balanced and grounded healing in ourselves and others.  Tapping into our creativity is a powerful key to magical changes in our lives. We learn to breathe life into the objects around us.

Saturday May 30th - Birth, Death & Rebirth
In this final segment of the series students will learn the power of birth, death and rebirth. Honoring the cycles of life to allow for all aspects to come into total and complete balance in the physical and spirit worlds.  Learning that no light may be present without shadow.

email for registration: audrey@freespiritsyoga.com



New Classes Beginning January 2015!

These are all new classes to the FSY schedule in 2015!

6:30-7:20am Sunrise Prana Flow w/ Jenna
This class offers strength and energy-building postures, movement, and breathwork to powerfully start your day. Students can expect to leave feeling strong, grounded, and energized

11-12pm Harmony Flow w/ Alicia & Kate
This class will focus on clearing and recharging our personal energy by harmonizing with energy of the earth and elements. Learn simple meditation and visualization techniques to enhance your practice. Rotating teachers will instruct students in core strengthening, alignment, and balance postures to cultivate harmony with the external and internal environment. This gentle and restorative practice is good for all levels.

7:30-8:45pm Creative Flow w/ Brianna
This class is for all levels of movers and shakers. Integrating principles of vinyasa yoga, contemporary dance/release techniques, and Tai-Chi, we will tune in to the intrinsic structure of the body, and work to allow breath and energy to flow freely. We will tap into the weight of gravity and the lightness of the breath, in order to find ease of movement.  Participants will practice a combination of structured exercises and guided improvisations, allowing each person the chance to connect in a way that makes sense in his or her body.  The class experience hopes to inspire a sense of curiosity, exploration, and nurturing, leaving participants invigorated and nourished. It is a time and space to tune in to the body and the joy of movement inherent within.

6-7:15pm All Levels Community by Donation Class w/ Sarah
This class is an offering to the community and a combination of everything for everyone: a little flow to warm and open, static poses for depth and balance, and some restorative to release and relax. Breathwork and light meditation are offered, and the practice will nourish the body, mind, and spirit. All levels are welcome, and donations are encouraged.
8:30-9:30pm Queer and Ally Yoga w/ Whitney
This class will offer a heartful, queer-positive, all-body-positive, anti-racist, and anti-classist space in which to engage in breath and movement of the body and spirit.  Open to all levels and all people, this class will cultivate holistic connection between the breath, body, mind, and heart, facilitating mindful contact with the self, spirit, intuition, and community.  Blending a warming flow, breathwork, meditation, and guided imagery, please come and share in creating a safe and celebratory practice to collaboratively generate consciousness-shifting energy!

9:30-10:30am Spirit Vinyasa w/ Amy Gordon

This I hour All Levels Vinyasa flow class incorporates cleansing pranayama breath while threading traditional yogic postures together.  The FLOW initiates graceful transitions to open the body, detach the mind and awaken the spirit.

Through your own breath and hands on assisted alignments students begin to create internal space and open areas for growth and healing.
4-5:30pm Shamanic Dreaming Journeying and Meditation w/ Audrey
In this class Audrey will introduced the  foundational practice of Dream Journeying.  Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth.  It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through psychological issues.  Audrey will also share powerful energy clearing practices and meditation techniques supported by gentle movement and breathwork. Students will leave class feeling empowered and well educated in the process of self healing though the techniques taught in this dynamic and powerful class.
6-7:15pm All Levels Community by Donation Class w/ Amy
This class is a combination of everything for everyone. A little restorative to release and relax, a little flow to warm and open and then static poses for depth and balance. This practice will end with a deep relaxation to restore and nourish the body, mind and spirit. Breathwork and guided meditation are offered throughout. All levels welcome. This class is by donation.

7-8pm Weekly Reset by Donation w/ Amanda Pratt
Students of all body types, skill levels, and backgrounds are welcome!  We will  begin with grounding meditations and centering breathwork, followed by a sequence of poses to release, reset, and recharge the body and mind.
Students will work with the power of gratitude and intention as we begin and end each week together.  This class is perfect for students who need a space to practice stillness, move with intention, connect with their highest self, and prepare for the week to come.  This class is by donation.

Januray Schedule

See website www.freespiritsyoga.com for more info
MON 6-8pm

RTS Level III - Advanced Shamanic Flow w/ Audrey

TUES 6:30-7:20am Sunrise Prana Flow w/ Jenna
TUES 9:30-10:30am Slow Flow w/ Brianna Taylor
TUES 11am - 12pm Harmony Flow w/ Alicia and Kate
TUES 5-6:15pm

RTS Level II/III - Mindful Powerful Flow w/ Tricia

TUES 6:30-7:30pm RTS Level I - Beginner Flow w/ Tricia
WEDS 9-10:15am RTS Level II - Morning Vinyasa Flow w/ Sarah
WEDS 4-5:30pm RTS Level I/II - Shamanic Flow w/ Audrey
WEDS 6-7:15pm RTS Level I - Community By Donation Class w/ Audrey
WEDS 7:30-8:45pm Creative Flow w/ Brianna
THURS 9-10:15am

RTS Level I - Slow Flow w/ Jenna

FRI 1:30-3pm Mommy & Me Yoga w/ Audrey
THURS 6-7:15pm All Levels Community by Donation Class w/ Sarah

                                                                 * by donation class

THURS 8:30-9:30pm Queer and Allies Yoga w/ Whitney
FRI 9:30-10:30am Spirit Vinyasa w/ Amy Gordon
FRI 12-1pm All Levels Vinayasa w/ Brianna
FRI 4-5:30pm Shamanic Dream Journeying and Meditation w/ Audrey
FRI 6-7pm All Levels Community by Donation Class w/ Amy

                                                                 * by donation class

SAT 10-11am Intermediate Yoga w/ Nikki
SAT 11:30-12:30pm Gentle Deep Stretch w/ Nikki
SUN 7-8pm Weekly Reset Yoga w/ Amanda
                                           * by donation class
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What Our Students Are Saying

"In a world where space is all taken up with noise, fear, expectation, judgment, and hyperactivity, the gratitude circle at Free Spirits Yoga has made ample room to breathe, appreciate, hope, dream, and become again."

"My life is my teaching...I always want my students to be able to come to me about anything." Read the article in the MISSION: Beautiful blog about studio owner Audrey Stephens."
-Article by Christina Calabria

"Monday evening class is perfect for students wishing to explore a vigorous vinyasa flow, yet focus the awareness on the internal environment—the true meaning of yoga. The class is challenging but Audrey adapts instruction to fit the needs of students working at all levels. This class is the perfect way to begin the workweek."




Our own true nature is infinite joy! Always
happy, always peaceful, always free!
- Swami Satchidananda