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Free Spirits Yoga is a Greensboro yoga school dedicated to the exploration of each individual's authentic path to awakening with a focus on the practices found through the fusion of the Traditional Holy Science of Yoga and Shamanic Indigenous Wisdom. Students will also find influences from many other spiritual paths such as Kundalini Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. We believe that there are as many ways to heal and become connected to the highest aspect of ourselves as there are beings roaming this vast earth.

Our mission is to create a sacred space that is steeped in the practices of non-judgement, non-harming, humility, respect of ourselves and others as well as unconditional love and compassion for all living beings. This is a space to learn sincere gratitude for the being that you truly are, and to cultivate the discernment and courage to allow your voice to come through clearly and beautifully in a safe and sacred environment. This is a place to create change.

Students can expect to leave classes at Free Spirits Yoga feeling calm, clear, balanced, rejuvenated, and inspired. Students can also expect something different at Free Spirits, something that touches you deep within the heart, the ability to connect to your highest self and learn to fearlessly move from this place at all times. Come and experience the fun and inspirational teachers at Free Spirits Yoga!


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: September at FSY!

Posted by Admin on 2015-09-06 10:27:09 MST
September at FSY!
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Dearest FSY Community, 

I am over joyed and humbled by all the amazing energy that has been pouring forth to transform and transmute your lives in so many abundant and powerful ways. Recently in the RTS Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training weekend  a student shared with us her discoveries about Snake Medicine and so it felt appropriate to honor this divine teacher here this month. 

Snake brings forth  the opportunity to be receptive to our personal power (Kundalini) represented in the yoga system as the dormant life force seated at the base of the spine. As we come into deeper understanding of this energy and begin to work with it, it rises up the spine beginning to unlock the consciousness within each Chakra (energy centers along the length of the spine) until we come into Union with the Truth of who we really are. Sounds pretty amazing, right?  

In Indiginous Wisdom the snake is a powerful symbol and teacher of healing,transformation, personal power, and increased energy. I see, sense and feel this teacher walking with us right now as I feel the transformations in my own life and watch others step forward fearlessly into a much more conscious positioning in their lives. What does this mean? Positive change! Healing! Transformation! 

So pay attention to how Snake is slithering into your life today and calling you deeper into your own truth. All of the teachers at FSY look forward to journeying with you this month, so see you in class!! 

More about Snake Medicine


Many Abundant Blessings to each and everyone of you, 

Audrey Sheldon:

Founder of Free Spirits Yoga

;">September Abundance offering
by Audrey Sheldon

;">Bija Mantra Practice

This is a guided meditation utilizing the Bija Mantras for coming into deeper understanding of the Chakras, this practice balances and opens these energy centers.  Try it out and let me know how you like it on Facebook or Soundcloud. I love your feedback! It helps me continue the process of learning and sharing what I find along the way! ~Audrey

No Classes on Monday September 7th to observe Labor Day!

September Offerings! 

At Free Spirits Yoga we pride ourselves on offering a space for up and coming teachers to spread their wings! To offer the sacred teachings of the Holy Science of Yoga one must be dedicated to the process and know that all is perfect and allow themselves to be the hollow bone that Spirit moves through. We have three new teachers coming on in September that beautifully exemplify this belief and will be offering some free preview classes in Augusts so that you can see what they will be offering!!!Look for their classes on the schedule regularly in September. 

Abby Jarrett - Beginning Tuesday September  6-7:15pm 
Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2

A powerful class blending breath, asana and strength. This is a class that will challenge you both physically as well as mentally while combining active flow with meditation. Prepare to sweat!
Students can expect to see Abbys class on Tuesdays regularly in starting in September!

Molly Liebel - Beginning Sunday
September 13th 4:30-6pm 
Kundanlini Yoga through the Chakras

Kundalini Yoga has coined the term  *The yoga of awareness*. Mollys class will focus on coming into a deeper awareness of the Chakras through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. 

James Pearce - Beginning Sunday
September 13th-2:30pm 
Into the Void - Shamanic Yoga

Introduction to Shamanic Yoga that includes guided meditation, powerful vinayasa flow, kundalini and dream journeying. 

Thursday Night 7:30-8:30pm 
Queer and Allies Yoga w/ Whitney
$11 Drop-in
After a short break this class is back by popular demand!  This class will offer a heartful, queer-positive, all-body-positive, anti-racist, and anti-classist space in which to engage in breath and movement of the body and spirit.  Open to all levels and all people, this class will cultivate holistic connection between the breath, body, mind, and heart, facilitating mindful contact with the self, spirit, intuition, and community.  Blending a warming flow, breathwork, meditation, and guided imagery, please come and share in creating a safe and celebratory practice to collaboratively generate consciousness-shifting energy!

$5 Minimum Donation Classes
w/ Jenna McGown

Jenna completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training (Road to Self) at Free Spirits Yoga in December, 2013, and is scheduled to complete her 500-hour training in August, 2014. In February of 2012, Free Spirits Yoga provided Jenna with the opportunity and the invitation to commit to increasing the depth of her yoga practice. Since then she has experienced the profound impacts of the teachings offered at Free Spirits Yoga, and her immeasurable gratitude for them. Jenna is delighted to have the opportunity to participate in sharing this powerful and nourishing practice with others. In May of 2012, Jenna earned her MS in counseling from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and she currently practices in the Triad area. In Jenna's classes students will find a clear, receptive space to explore strength, flexibility and stillness in
an open and peaceful environment.

Tuesday 7-8am  Prana Flow
This class offers strength and energy-building postures, movement, and breathwork to powerfully start your day. Students can expect to leave feeling strong, grounded, and energized.

Thursday 9-10:15am  Slow Flow
The pace of this class will be slow and strong. We will flow through poses that work to tone the body, strengthen the muscles and bones, increase flexibility and openness, and work holistically with balance. We will also practice breathwork, visualization, and meditation techniques used for relaxation, grounding, focus, and quieting the mind. All levels welcome

Private Sessions w/ Audrey Sheldon

Audrey shares her Source driven gifts of Intuitive Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Yoga with those that wish to have a chance to go deeply into their personal healing and empowerment practices. 
Audrey incorporates tools and techniques from Shamanism, Reiki and Classical Yoga to customize a perfect series of private healing sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. Combined these tools assist the students to tap deeply into the Soul and Spirit level to bring balance, vitality and inspiration in all areas of life. Whether you are focusing on a specific healing request or looking for support and guidance these sessions are a powerful tool.

Sessions are offered in 1/2hr increments -1/2hr $35, 1hr $60, 1.5hr $85.

Packages also available!
Purchase 4 1hr sessions $220 and Save $20
Purchase 6 1hr sessions for $320 and Save $40 
Purchase 8 1hr sessions for $460 and Save $60
Purchase 10 1hr sessions for $520 and Save $80
You have three months to utilize the private sessions for
Shamanism, Yoga, Reiki, and Intuitive Healing or any  custom combination! 


Abundance Healing Circle at FSY

Sunday September 13th from 6:45pm - 9:30pm
Circle hosted by Audrey Sheldon held at Free Spirits Yoga

$25 Suggested Offering

* please bring drums, rattles, bells, or other instruments for this circle.

This month is going to be a little different! We are so excited! In addition to our usual activities that build a container to bring about major shifts in our relationship to abundance;this month all are invited to bring with them anything to share with the group that best represents how they wish cultivate abundance right now. Action is an important part of how to call into your lives all that we desire for the highest good. 

This could be items you wish to share with people for money or barter, business cards to share a new or existing business, a vision you have for a way to manifest abundance in the future. Set this clear intention inside this powerful circle of support and healing as we all engage in the practice of manifesting the lives we truly desire. 


;">"This gathering is truly magical! Come with an open heart and willingness to share in the divine gift that is the unlimited abundance that is excessable to us at all times! I love the connections that I make to people I've never met before and the level of support and inspiration is so incredible." Circle Participant

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Support Resources
The Alchemy of Groups Article
6 Phase Meditation by Vishin Lakhiani





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What Our Students Are Saying

"In a world where space is all taken up with noise, fear, expectation, judgment, and hyperactivity, the gratitude circle at Free Spirits Yoga has made ample room to breathe, appreciate, hope, dream, and become again."

"My life is my teaching...I always want my students to be able to come to me about anything." Read the article in the MISSION: Beautiful blog about studio owner Audrey Stephens."
-Article by Christina Calabria

"Monday evening class is perfect for students wishing to explore a vigorous vinyasa flow, yet focus the awareness on the internal environment—the true meaning of yoga. The class is challenging but Audrey adapts instruction to fit the needs of students working at all levels. This class is the perfect way to begin the workweek."




Our own true nature is infinite joy! Always
happy, always peaceful, always free!
- Swami Satchidananda