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Free Spirits Yoga

Free Spirits Yoga is a Greensboro yoga school dedicated to the exploration of each individual's authentic path to awakening with a focus on the practices found through the fusion of the Traditional Holy Science of Yoga and Shamanic Indigenous Wisdom. Students will also find influences from many other spiritual paths such as Kundalini Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. We believe that there are as many ways to heal and become connected to the highest aspect of ourselves as there are beings roaming this vast earth.

Our mission is to create a sacred space that is steeped in the practices of non-judgement, non-harming, humility, respect of ourselves and others as well as unconditional love and compassion for all living beings. This is a space to learn sincere gratitude for the being that you truly are, and to cultivate the discernment and courage to allow your voice to come through clearly and beautifully in a safe and sacred environment. This is a place to create change.

Students can expect to leave classes at Free Spirits Yoga feeling calm, clear, balanced, rejuvenated, and inspired. Students can also expect something different at Free Spirits, something that touches you deep within the heart, the ability to connect to your highest self and learn to fearlessly move from this place at all times. Come and experience the fun and inspirational teachers at Free Spirits Yoga!


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Abundance Healing Circle

March 29th 6:45-9:30pm

Our first Abundance Healing Circle was really amazing! This is a group of supportive and powerful people coming together to support each other in the discovery of our own personal power of abundance! We hope more will join us this month!

We are building a new healing circle that is focused on cultivating and manifesting abundance in all its forms at the school now! It will meet once a month, dates to be determined based on interest so please contact us!

We will learn powerful tools such as meditations, sound and vibrational tools, mantra, sacred ceremonies and rituals to bring real lasting ability for manifestation into your life every day.

This is an open circle, all are welcome!
Suggest $25 Gifting

">One of the first practices of Abundance is Gratitude and Spontaneous Generosity!

Tree Meditation w/ Audrey on Soundcloud

This meditation is wonderful for tuning in to our natural state of connection with all of Creation. It also teaches us how to expand our energy and learn from the Tall Standing Ones, the Trees.
Please enjoy these gifts and share them with anyone you wish!



Creative Flow and Creative Writing Workshop
Saturday March 28th, 2-4pm

Get your creative juices flowing with a creative vinyasa and writing practice! Guided movement, meditation and writing explorations to spark new ideas about any creative project. $15-$20 sliding scale (cash or check at the workshop)

please RSVP to me briannataylor@hotmail.com to reserve your space! 

Private Sessions w/ Audrey MacNamara Sheldon
A great way to deepen your personal Yoga practice and kick start your focus, creativity, and fulfill your physical and abundance goals is to work one on one!

The founder of Free Spirits Yoga has been practicing yoga and shamanism since 1998 and has been a certified 500hr Expert Teacher since 2006. Audrey is passionate about the power of yoga, self care and energy work. She brings her creative and intuitive skills to all her offerings at FSY. Audrey utilizes her intuitive and healing abilities to tap into the core of where each individual can access their personal power and regain balance, connection and inspiration.

She will offer in 1/2hr increments -1/2hr $35, 1hr $60, 1.5hr $85.

Packages also available!
Purchase 4 1hr sessions $220 and Save $20
Purchase 6 1hr sessions for $320 and Save $40
Purchase 8 1hr sessions for $460 and Save $60 (1hr free!)
Purchase 10 1hr sessions for $520 and Save $80
You have six months to utilize the private sessions for
Yoga, Reiki or Intuitive Life Coaching.



2015 RTS 500hr Shamanic Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship Program


We are so excited to be offering our second session of the Road to Self 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Healing Quest beginning April 2015.This program is designed to take the student into an even deeper place of understanding of their naturally inherent gifts of intuitive teaching and healing.  This program will give students the opportunity to find a deeper place of personal discipline, purification and selfless service to humanity and the community.  Based on the ancient practices of the holy science of yoga and indigenous shamanic wisdom students will come away with powerful personal growth and transformation to share in all areas of their lives. In this uniquely design program students will receive one on one guidance, group instruction and opportunities to teach what they are learning along the way.



This training will be a combination of the following

Group Meetings with 200hr Students

Private One/One Mentorship with Audrey

Small Group Meetings every week

At home study and practice

Teaching and Sharing in your classes, with 200hr student and with each other


Weekends We will meet: 

April 23rd-26th (500hr Only)

May 1-3rd         (200hr &500hr)

June 5th-7th     (200hr &500hr)

July 24th-26th  (500hr Only)

August 28-30th (200hr &500hr)

Sept 25-27th     (200hr &500hr)

October (TBD)  (500hr Only) Vision Quest Weekend

Nov 20-22nd      (200hr &500hr)

Dec 18-20th       (200hr &500hr)

January 8-10th   (500hr) GRADUATION!


Monday Night RTS Advanced Level III with Audrey is mandatory


Monday Night Meetings from 8:00-9:00pm after class


Once a month meeting privately with Audrey to discuss progress, questions and personal guidance.


Total of 500 hours



This training will cover the following:

  • Developing Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Classes

  • Deepened Understanding of Hands on Adjustments and Modifications

  • Teaching Advanced Pranayama Techniques

  • Anatomy and Physiology Specific to Yoga and Energy Work

  • Teaching and Assisting Students to Clear Energy for themselves and others

  • Working with Ceremony and Ritual for Personal and Community  Healing

  • Apprenticeship to Drum Birthing

  • Teaching Students Dream Journeying

  • Personal Discipline as a Teacher/Healer

  • Purification through diet and self care.

  • Applying the 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Bhagavad Gita Study

  • Continued Development of the Intuitive Teacher

  • Working with Ancestors, Guides, Totems and other entities

  • Apprenticeship to Hold Healing Quest

  • Karma Yoga

  • Understanding  of the Shadow

  • Gratitude and its Power

  • Vision Quest Initiation


Beginning April 2015

Program Costs

$1350/$150 per month or $1200 for those that wish to pay prior to the beginning the program and would also waive the registration fee.

* $150/Month - This must be paid each month by the 5th of the month.

Pre-registration required with $40 registration fee unless tuition paid in Full by March 20th.

***Students are responsible for all payments of all weekends even if the weekend is missed. Prior communication with  program director Audrey MacNamara Sheldon recommended in special circumstances so that a plan to cover what has been missed is developed. No refunds are given.


***RTS 200hr Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training and Healing Quest is a prerequisite unless waived by Audrey.


Please give this serious thought! It is a powerful and life changing opportunity!


Om Shanti Om




February Schedule

See website www.freespiritsyoga.com for more info
MON 6-8pm

RTS Level III - Advanced Shamanic Flow w/ Audrey

TUES 6:30-7:20am Sunrise Prana Flow w/ Jenna
TUES 9:30-10:30am Slow Flow w/ Brianna Taylor
TUES 11am - 12pm Harmony Flow w/ Alicia and Kate
TUES 5-6:15pm

RTS Level II/III - Mindful Powerful Flow w/ Tricia

TUES 6:30-7:30pm RTS Level I - Beginner Flow w/ Tricia
WEDS 9-10:30am RTS Level I - Restorative Healing Flow and Meditation w/ Audrey
WEDS 4-5:30pm RTS Level I/II - Shamanic Flow w/ Audrey
WEDS 6-7:15pm RTS Level I - Community By Donation Class w/ Audrey
WEDS 7:30-8:45pm Creative Flow w/ Brianna
THURS 9-10:15am

RTS Level I - Slow Flow w/ Jenna

THURS 10:45-12pm Mommy & Me Yoga w/ Audrey
THURS 6-7:15pm All Levels Community by Donation Class w/ Sarah

                                                                 * by donation class

THURS 8:30-9:30pm Queer and Allies Yoga w/ Whitney
FRI 9:30-10:30am Spirit Vinyasa w/ Amy Gordon
FRI 12-1pm All Levels Vinayasa w/ Brianna
FRI 4-5:30pm Shamanic Dream Journeying and Meditation w/ Audrey
FRI 6-7pm All Levels Community by Donation Class w/ Amy

                                                                 * by donation class

SAT 10-11am Intermediate Yoga w/ Nikki
SAT 11:30-12:30pm Gentle Deep Stretch w/ Nikki
SUN 7-8pm Weekly Reset Yoga w/ Amanda
                                           * by donation class
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What Our Students Are Saying

"In a world where space is all taken up with noise, fear, expectation, judgment, and hyperactivity, the gratitude circle at Free Spirits Yoga has made ample room to breathe, appreciate, hope, dream, and become again."

"My life is my teaching...I always want my students to be able to come to me about anything." Read the article in the MISSION: Beautiful blog about studio owner Audrey Stephens."
-Article by Christina Calabria

"Monday evening class is perfect for students wishing to explore a vigorous vinyasa flow, yet focus the awareness on the internal environment—the true meaning of yoga. The class is challenging but Audrey adapts instruction to fit the needs of students working at all levels. This class is the perfect way to begin the workweek."




Our own true nature is infinite joy! Always
happy, always peaceful, always free!
- Swami Satchidananda